AIGA Cause-Related Poster Exhibition

When I first heard about the AIGA poster show focused on social injustice, I couldn't wait to sign up. Much of my work has a social bent, and I was extra excited about this show given that the proceeds of poster sales benefitted a Denver VSA gallery for special needs artists (amazing). Below's my poster for the show – completed in about 2 weeks.

With the rise of China as a global superpower, the government has tightened its grip on national censorship – infamously detaining numerous artists and activists in recent years, such as Ai Wei Wei. The Chinese national bird, the Red-Crowned Crane, represents individuals forced into militaristic conformity, each with its beak tied shut.

The characteristic unique crown patterning each bird has been altered to mimic the same star pattern seen on the Chinese flag. The poster's vertical format and type is meant to reference ancient scrolls, while the message is both a statement of fact and a call to action. 

Poster is 11x23, with type set in Knockout. Featured in AIGA Colorado's Cause Related poster exhibition.

Elizabeth KorbComment