Imagine! Impact Report

Unself’s main goal is to measure philanthropy. We do that primarily through tracking volunteer hours in our webapp, but we’ve also been prototyping another way to do that called Impact Reports.

These reports take a time-bound event or program and tell the story of its impact through photos, graphics, and cause-based metrics. The reports take into account everything that went into putting on the event (the inputs), what was accomplished that day (the outputs), what came from this event over time (the outcome), and how it affected wider change (the impact). They are designed to be shared internally within a nonprofit or company to showcase their efforts to improve the community.

Our team made 3 reports by hand for local nonprofits before designing a Keynote template that exported PDFs for the organizations.

I organized a team volunteering event at Imagine!, the nonprofit I volunteer with weekly with their adult Out & About program. It was the perfect opportunity for us to try out our new template!

Surprisingly, every organization shared our reports not only internally but also shared via Instagram or Twitter. Our next report will need to be changed up a bit to fit that format better!

Elizabeth KorbComment