Sharing Volunteer Experiences Study

Unself’s built a volunteer hour tracker platform so that nonprofits could use volunteer data to increase their access to grant funding. After the launch of our MVP, we needed to scale our user base beyond our small core user base of super volunteers in order to meet this goal.

The next largest target user segment was less frequent, socially-motivated volunteers. They need personal recommendations to volunteer, which Unself could provide via the tracked experiences on our app. However, our core user case was hesitant to “humble brag” on our platform by sharing service opportunities.

My task as a researcher and interaction designer was to define and design a qualitative study to learn what would both encourage our core user base to share their experiences on Unself and inspire new volunteers to get involved.

As a result I was able to design a new workflow for sharing in our app, with the right tone to encourage and support both user segments. Our final prototype allowed us not only to scale with a new user segment, but also with the National Parks Foundation.